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No compromise in Quality with its Excellency

The B&N Group is continuously building a reputation for quality and is firmly committed to its oath of "No compromise in Quality with its Excellency". It is the Group's objective to continuously improve on the level of Quality Performance to ensure that the Group is successful in its business. The Group strives to conduct its operations in such a manner that all projects and services carried out to meet the client's requirements using latest methodology, tools and equipment to improve in quality.
Health, Safety and Environment is every individual’s Responsibility

The B&N Group, policy "Health, Safety and Environment is every individual’s Responsibility" aiming at creating awareness among its employees on the collective responsibility to prevent injury and occupational illness and ensure public safety when carrying out its business so that a concerted effort is made to prevent accidents and occupational health hazards simultaneously preserving a healthy environment.

We believe that ensuring the health and safety of our employees is critical to the successful conduct of our business and operations. We are therefore committed to complying with applicable health, safety and environmental regulations and other requirement policies in our operations. To ensure the desired degree of compliance, we have initiated documented policies to identify and classify potential risks and have implemented the requisite safety procedures and controls to minimize workplace accidents and hazards.
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